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Lizhao is a film/TV/game composer based in LA, California. She has assisted film/TV composers Jake Monaco and Zach Marsh on-site in LA, performing technical, administrative, and creative tasks. 


She is currently working at Brassbird Productions for 3x GMA-winning producer Terence Hsieh, arranging for top Asian artists such as Karen Mok 莫文蔚, A-lin, Joanna Wang 王若琳, with a focus on orchestral arrangements.

She graduated from Berklee College of Music with Magna Cumme Laude, dual-majoring in Film Scoring and Contemporary Writing & Production. In Nov 2020, Lizhao was the sole student awarded the BMI Film Scoring Scholarship at Berklee by Oscar-winning composer Ludwig Göransson (Black Panther, Tenet) and BMI Executive Vice President Mike Steinberg

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What I Do

Linear Media Scoring

Orchestration & MIDI Mock-up

Video Game Scoring

Lab Rags.jpeg

Music Editing

Score Prep

Score Pic
PPH Cubase Music Editing Screenshot.png
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